Swarovski Kris Bär mein Herz ist deins My Heart is Yours 1143463


It would be hard not to fall in love with this cupid-inspired Kris Bear. Equipped with a heart-topped arrow, it makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, anniversary present, or wedding cake topper. This piece is crafted in clear, red, and black crystal with a lacquered metal bow and arrow.

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            Kris Bär 

Mein Herz ist Deins



Artikel Nr. 1143463
Kollektion:  Kris Bären
Farbe:  Klar, Rot
Größe: 6.2 x  3.9 cm
Material:  Kristall
Designer: Verena Castelein
Produziert : 2013
Ausser Programm : 2017