Swarovski SCS Jahresausgabe 2007 Wonders of Sea Community Klare Version 854651 + 898130


The annual piece for 2007, Community was the final piece of the “Wonders of the Sea” trilogy, representing a welcome return to animal trilogies. The entire trilogy was available in either colour crystal or clear and was designed to interlock to form a complete underwater scene. Community was available during 2007 only. Collectors were able to buy both the clear and colour versions as part of their membership benefits. A separate plaque was available for each piece of the trilogy which shows the name of the piece and the trilogy and it was also possible to purchase additional extras including an LED stand.

Community was designed to sit on the right hand side of the trilogy and depicts 3 banner fish swimming from right to left, and there is a rock/coral structure in the bottom right hand side.

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