Swarovski Golden Retriever 3er Set Mutter 1142823+ Puppy 1142824 + Puppy 1142825 Neu


Perfect for dog lovers!
Each of these Golden Retrievers was designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, released in 2013, and retired in 2015.
Sold separately by Swarovski before being retired, we have combined this Set of 3 Golden Retrievers to create an adorably irresistible dog family when displayed together.
Each of these lovable and playful creations shines in Crystal Golden Shine and Crystal Golden Shadow, reflecting the natural fur color of Golden Retrievers.

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   Golden Retriever Set

       Mutter mit Welpe Sitzend und Stehend



Artikel Nr. 1142823 +1142824 + 1142825

Designer Heinz Tabertshofer

Größe  8.3 x 5.8 cm + 3.4 x 3.6 cm + 4.5 x 3.6 cm

Neu in OVP



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