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Swarovski Crystal Disney Collection Bambi.
Fully faceted clear crystal body with unfaceted legs, Aurora Borealis Rosaline crystal butterfly, Jet crystal eyes and Jet crystal nose.
Matte finish on the eyes. Walt Disney Swarovski Crystal Bambi and Friends Collection pays tribute to the Disney animated story, BAMBI, released August 13, 1942.
Bambi is a little fawn, who grows up, with friends Thumper, a rabbit, Owl and Flower, a skunk, to become the Great Prince of the Forest.
Traumatized and saddened by the loss of his mother at the hands of hunters, Bambi, with the help of his friends, learns to cope with his new life without her, falls in love with Faline, and barely escapes a catastrophic forest fire. The preceding is a brief recap of this story but for those who have not yet seen this movie or it has been a while, you may just want to watch it again as it is truly a classic which brings tears, as well as smiles, as you share in Bambi’s life experiences.
The Bambi Collection consists of the following figurines: Bambi, Flower the Skunk, Friend Owl,Thumper the Rabbit, Title plaque Bambi, Display Bambi

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 Bambi Clear Version


Ausser programm 2011 

Art Nr 943 951

Größe 10 cm Hoch

Designer Mario Dilitz

Neu in Ovp / New in box



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